About Us


There are numerous technology options available today which may very well lie outside the expertise of you and your business. Your focus is your business ... ours is technology applied to your business. Triune Technology Consulting provides you with expert guidance about which technology options are most effective and appropriate for you and your business.

Our Vision

To empower each client with the technical knowledge to make informed technology related decisions in an unbiased fashion.

Company Profile

Triune Technology Consulting, LLC (TTC) was founded in 2002 for the purpose of providing design and planning services in technology in the same way that an architect provides these services for building projects. TTC provides a single point of contact for the client from design through implementation, user training, ongoing maintenance and support. By acting as the 'general contractor' for this effort, we are able to serve as an unbiased source of technical expertise to the client.

TTC is dedicated to providing support for client and community efforts to accelerate the deployment of advanced technology services. We are passionate about technology, and it shows.

Our Mission

To make Information Technology (I.T.) work for you!


We believe in the power of business relationships. We will meet with you to get to know you and your business so together we can evaluate where your company is now and where it can be with respect to current and coming technology. We evaluate everything from communications, to computers, to every day tasks that your staff performs.

And while we're passionate about technology we also understand the cost / benefit ratio. We will not pursue technology for technology's sake. Our evaluation will include where your company is now and where it can be with the application of appropriate technology.

Our mission statement says it all ... we make I.T. work for you.

"All of our technology is completely unnecessary to a happy life."

Tom Hodgkinson